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Finding weapons or drugs

Finding a weapon or drugs in your house can be one of the most challenging times for you as a parent or carer. This is the moment that all of you suspicions become true. The weeks of worrying if your child is dealing drugs, hiding weapons or being groomed is now evident. 

Now it's time to take action!


So what do you do if you find weapons or drugs in your child's room?  It's a difficult one, as your immediate thought is probably to call the police for help. The long term challenge is having to shop you're child to the law and have them arrested may result in them being convicted. The really sad thing is that as a parent or carer, we feel compelled to protect our children from the dangers of breaking the law, and yet we feel helpless and lost when we are faced with making that decision about what to do. 

if you have found weapons or drugs in your house, there are a few things you can do before you call the police. remember if your child is hiding these for their own purposes, and have full knowledge of their actions, they may already be fully aware of the consequences of being arrested. However, there are hundreds of cases, where the law and grooming may offer an alternative way out. There are countless cases of police intervention in such cases. The police have full knowledge and intelligence on the grooming process and may already be investigating the ring in question. 

Processing all of this information and looking for a solution can be difficult without external help and advice, but there are a few things you can do immediately, to try and identify the threat. 


1. Understanding what you have found. 

Before you confront, seek to understand what exactly it is you have found. read up on substances and try to distinguish what you are dealing with. There is a possibility that it can be for personal use. Accepting that your child  may have a habit, may help you to understand why they are in your house. Take pictures of what you have found!

Find out what the law is around the substance you have found. 


2. Think before you confront

Before you confront your child, take some time and come up with a strategy. The best way to approach it is to let them do the talking and you listen. Allow them to explain why and don't fly off the handle at them. For victims of grooming this can be the best opportunity they have to tell someone that they are being pressured. Victims of grooming often feel alone and unable to talk about whats happening to them.

Be prepared for the worst all the time, as your child or young person may turn around and tell you they are doing it to make money. 

3. Breaking down the rules of the Law and your house

Now that you have a fuller picture of why the item or items are in you'e house, It's time to re establish the values of the home and family. It is also time to talk about the law and the consequences.

Make it clear that the risk of prosecution far out weighs any situation that occurs which permits the hiding of weapons and rugs. 

Create an open environment that makes it difficult for anything to be concealed. Get into the routine of searching your house on a regular basis, as this will deter the risk etc.