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Special needs support 

In order to educate Parents, Carers and Professionals about the importance of understanding special needs and how it can impact on the lives of young people. We have created a partnership with and organisation called A2nd Voice. They are a supportive organisation that offers free help and advice to anyone worried about special needs. 

About A2ndvoice

We are a small voluntary support group run by parents/carers living and caring for a child or adult on the Autistic Spectrum, raising awareness and understanding from different perspectives, outreaching also to the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Communities (BAME) and tackling the taboos and myths around Autism.


We host a range of activities and events looking at the needs of the family. Supported by Autistic People

The aims and objectives of A2ndvoice

Cultural Diversity is the key in making a difference amongst all individuals, communities, faith groups and organisations by bridging the gap between parents and professionals with support by Autistic Specialists and Autistic Adults.

Our aim is to:


  • To inspire, to empower, to share information and build a network in providing ongoing support pertaining to the wellbeing and lifestyle for parents & carers with children or adults on the Autistic Spectrum.


  • To provide information and support for siblings and peers.


  • Supporting girls/young women on the Spectrum who are under-represented and disadvantaged.


  • Pre-natal, autistic mothers and post-natal support workshop


  • To provide support for fathers and single fathers to share similar experiences together with male workers also.


  • Raising awareness within the BAME communities to break down cultural barriers and prejudices.


  • To provide a support service within the school setting, which outreach the hard to reach parents/carers who maybe in denial and/or lacking understanding of the condition.


  • To increase awareness by all means that our local community and businesses will lead to more personal involvement, understanding and more cultural, educational and social activities, which will create a better community and a better place for those living with Autism and other, related hidden conditions.


  • To provide information, resources and tailor made packages for Faith Groups and Establishments.


  • Working in partnership with individuals and organisations that deal with Youth Services within theCriminal Justice System.


If you are interested in making a difference, please contact us:-


Mob: +44 (0) 7555 812 202

Email: info@a2ndvoice.com