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Talks and workshops that help.

Groom Safe

A powerful series of talks aimed at parents, Teachers and and children. Changes will often only occur when we are all on the same page. 

By having a whole school approach to topics such as grooming and understanding empowering relationships a general understanding of the rise in Bullying and Grooming is achieved. 

Parent and teacher talks are an hour long and look at the specific signs of Bullying and Grooming and key skills to help them develop a more acute way of identifying the needs of the children that attend the school. 

Children are then given a one hour workshop that is tailor made to help them understand the importance of being Groom Safe.  

Gang Aware 

Worried or need advice about how leave a gang? 

Gang Buster workshops were created because of the need to understand gang culture and the challenges associated with being in a gang. There is also the other side of how to leave a gang once you no longer want to be a part of it. 

Many young people feel pressured to be a part of a gang and as a result join because they are in fear of reprisal 

Some gangs are non violent and in fact are fundamentally a group of friends that give their friendship group a name. There is no doubting the differences between this type of association and the association of a group that are actively pursuing crime and violence that is clear and obvious through activities. 

Initiation into a gang can be the easiest decision to make, it's the decision to leave that becomes extremely complicated. 

Meaningful relationships is a more intensive look at the different types of relationships that we are involved with. This workshops is aimed at Keystage 3 and above, and is developed in way that helps young people understand the impact and differences in relationships. 

Different aspects of the positive and negative sides of social media are also part of the workshops, as this medium is fast becoming the norm for finding and building relationships. 

With the increase in manipulative relationships, it is more important now than ever that we give young people the skills to help them avoid the lure of a negative relationship. 


Film School 

We believe that everybody has the ability to be creative at some level, even if it not apparent. Sometimes it's as easy as teaching an individual that they can create and take ownership of a project.


The film workshop focuses on helping to build confidence that lasts for life. 

Students are taught the basic concept of film making and story telling using a professional camera or mobile phone. All workshops are facilitated by experienced videographers actors and support staff. 

Individuals are then taught how to use social media in a positive way to promote and share their content. 

We run these workshops in schools and community centres. 


When people think of the word mentor, they often think that there is an issue with challenging behaviour involved, and for most part there is, It can be an extremely difficult time when your child is in need of the support and guidance for an external mentor. The reality is that as we go through life we all need mentors at different stages of our journey. A mentor is good way of establishing and bridging the link between most of life's challenges. This also works with young people. There are hundreds of different issues that young people go through and many of them are not just crime or violence. Parents can also feel that they have lost control of their young person and experience anxiety in trying to understand the changes etc. An experience mentor can help to mediate the challenges that they are facing. 

One 2 One Mentoring