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Managing social media

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Social media is good in many ways. It keeps us in contact with friends and family, It updates us on important information that is relevant to our lifestyles and it can be a great place for watching content that you may never find otherwise. 

There are many plus points for social media, in fact its great when its used for the right reasons. There have been countless times that I have used social media to find the perfect gift, or to link up with an old friend from the past. 

In theory the concept of using Social Media to manage much of our online interaction, isn't it worth while taking a stop and looking at how it can impact us in a negative way? 

Social media users can spend hours on average each day, searching, watching, liking and messaging! 

Most of us interact in a respectful and decent manner, using these many different platforms to enhance their experience of life, whereas others may us it for a much more sinister reason. 

Social media with all its bells and aires, has replaced much of the human interaction that many of us have grown up being used to. 

Try for a moment to imagine that many young people have never known a society that existed outside of social media. They were born with a device in their hands and not a silver spoon!

Parents pacifying their children with devices has become the norm, with many children growing increasingly dependent of using 'a device' to communicate. Even more concerning is the increase in users with special needs using social media as a way of finding and building relationships, that are not always positive. 

Furnishing our children with the latest device has replaced the quality communication that is needed to aid build values and beliefs that children and families need to survive. 

There are millions of families right now, sitting at a dinner table cluttered with devices, disconnecting the user from reality. 

Although we have to accept that 'Being online' is the future, we must also monitor its use. Interestingly, recently one of the biggest mobile phone manufacturers upgraded all of their handsets to enable the user to monitor all mobile use. May be they are trying to tell us something, but are we listening? 

Social Media has also become a platform for an increasing amount of crime and abuse, with many users reporting a rise in Grooming, manipulation and fraud. There is also a significant increase in the amount of Cyber Bullying taking place online. It is therefore a now a real concern as to the impact of online abuse. 

There is also an increase in young people using social media to provoke violence between other gangs. Music videos and abusive messages are shared on social media to attract the attention of others. There have been countless violent incidents that started on social media. Although the police are aware of many of these incidents, very little seems to be happening in the way of restricting specific material which is deemed to be of a violent nature. Young people also have full access to pornographic material at the touch of a button. This can leave young people confused and unsure about how to value a meaningful relationship.