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Joint Enterprise? I'm confused

Joint enterprise is a real concern for us all! it's that grey area of crime that a lot of people simply do not understand. Most of us find it hard to understand simple day to day laws, such as stop and search. 

It is vital that every young person understands the law around Joint Enterprise as the consequences can have massive impacts on their lives. 

There are many young people in the prison system right now that are still not aware of the law around their sentencing. For some of these young people, it was as simple as knowing that an incident was taking place or having a text message on a phone that has lead them to fall under the statute of Joint Enterprise. 

Part of my mission is to make every parent and child aware of the law of Joint Enterprise. This information is as important as any other awareness that they need to live a safe and secure life. This can only be done by educating young people by inviting talks and interactive lessons that specifically address this grey area. 

The challenge we are having now for a lot of young people and families is the simplicity of falling into this category.