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180,000 people are registered 
 missing each year.  
 one in every 200 children go   missing each year.  
 Grooming plays a major role 
 in most of these cases 

County Lines and Grooming affects us all. Adults and Children a like are being manipulated into groups that focus on criminal activity and sexual abuse. For many the full affects of County Lines and Grooming are only felt after the initial process. 

Families and professional services are being stretched to find solutions to penetrating these organisations in an attempt to stave the increase of what has been called Modern Day Human Trafficking. 
There is a growing concern for young people that are being targeted in organisations such as Pupil Referral units and care homes. 

More recently there is an alarming focus on recruiting individuals with special needs. This can range from ADHD to different spectrums of Autism. 

Parents and professionals need to be educated in the process and manipulation involved in preparing and use of individuals for sexual and financial gains through criminal organisations. 

Because the initiation process is largely confused as a friendship or relationship, many people are not able to spot the early signs and are easily inducted into the process. 

My talk on County Lines and Grooming focuses on understanding the basis of a  Deceptive Manipulator and providing a better understanding of the process involved. 

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Serious Youth Violence 

 Serious youth violence is on the increase, with little signs of it slowing down. We need to focus on why young people feel that they need to use knifes to resolve conflicts?  ”


Parents speak out on special needs

 Is there a link between exclusion and special needs? Are some children and families missing out on vital support?   


  Spotting the signs of grooming 

Grooming and manipulation of specific individuals is growing business to criminals! Young people need to be prepared for this, before it's too late. 

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Congratulations to these young people

Overcoming challenges at such a young age can be a wonderful experience. These young actors have achieved something that they thought they never would have. 

During their half term, they committed to working with me on this short film. They had no idea that a month after they would be speaking at the screening of this short but important insight into young people and mental health. 

In fact the film has been so well received that the National Gallery have offered us a screening and a Q&A in front of 300 young people. 

Look out for further details on how you could be a part of something great!

With so many young people following the current trend of violent behaviour. We find that by understanding that prevention is better than the cure, we are able to offer specific young people the opportunity to shine in film and media. 

So many young people have talents that they never explore until it's too late. 

Many parents and carers are also worried that there is a distinct lack of activities that are available. This lack will often lead to gang involvement of crime. 

We work hard at engaging young people in areas that they have interest in and help them to have ownership of the projects that they develop.