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A Criminal Record

Having a criminal record can be daunting, but not the end of the world. understanding the limitations of having a criminal record is more important as so many young people lack knowledge or advice about how their criminal activities can impact on their lives.

Fair enough you can still get a job , even though it may be more difficult to obtain, You still have most of your rights as a citizen, you may even go onto be successful in the career you choose. The purpose her is to inform you of the limitations that naturally occur once you are have a criminal record. 

The fact is serving time in prison or having a criminal record will undoubtably have a massive impact on the way you live your life. We could even go as far as saying most people that serve a sentence or have a non custodial criminal record, go on to be upstanding members of their communities. But the fact is that's just is not the case!

A criminal record is something that is not looked lightly, many employers will ask for a full disclosure before even looking at an interview. This means that you will have to tell them about all of your convictions, even the ones that you think are spent!

The chances of getting an interview can become a distant dream. Its this and plenty of other aspects of your life that are looked at in great depth when you have a criminal record. 


It's such a shame when you stand in court with a young person and they have little or no knowledge of their future. We must find a better way of informing them beforehand. 

Parents and carers should also inform young people of the consequences of having a criminal record, as understanding the way the law works could help young people to avoid the peril of prison and probation. Many parents still do not take the time to understand the impact of having a child with a criminal record. The responsibility of educating them is totally ours. 

The Criminal justice system is very complex and has many different aspects to it, most notably the sentencing handed out for specific crimes. There is a lot of speculation by young people that spending time in prison does not affect the rest of their lives.